Environmentally Responsible Techniques

Focal Printing has long been an advocator and active industry member of environmentally responsible printing techniques, processes and manufacturing.

The focus on the environment is intrinsic to the way we go about our work. It is part of our culture and its ethics and principles have always been a foundation of our business.

As one of the first Tasmanian printers to introduce vegetable based inks Focal Printing continues to look at every aspect of the business to minimise our environmental footprint.

For Focal Printing, consideration and protection of the environment is not just a requirement – it is an important and critical part of improving our printing craft and what we do.

See our Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement


At Focal Printing, we strive to ensure our policies, technologies, products and processes are centered around the best outcomes for the environment.

We strive for continual improvement in being environmentally responsible in all our manufacturing processes and embrace this thinking through every aspect of the business.

Our environmental considerations include:


Our pre-press process is now completely chemical-free with the modern Computer-to-plate (CTP) technology eliminating the need for toxic developers, fixers and film.

Vegetable Based Inks

Focal Printing’s preference is for vegetable based inks reducing the use and volume of solvent based inks on our environment. Our printing process also has a fully automated ink and roller wash system minimising wastage and solvent use.


Focal Printing recycles all used printing plates through local recycling services.

All paper waste material (print paper stock, envelopes, office paper) is also recycled extending the life of paper based fibres and reducing landfill.

The Focal Printing commitment to the environment also extends beyond our pre-press and manufacturing methods right throughout the office from recycling all office and printing paper, jars and cartons.

Focal Printing staff are also educated and aware of considerations and business practices regarding the environment.